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2012 Submissions

.You Disgust Me. Miscellaneous Song
. Sorrow Of Life . Miscellaneous Loop
. Your Nothing But A Whore . Drum N Bass Song
. Born In November . Ambient Song
. Forest Winter . Ambient Song
. Stop, Drop And Roll . Hip Hop - Modern Song
. Summer Of 78 . Ambient Song
. Summer Of 79 . Ambient Song
. Monday Morning . Miscellaneous Song
. Bye Synelia . Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
. Summer Love . Miscellaneous Loop
. When They Lurk Around . Miscellaneous Loop
. Casillero del Diablo . Ambient Song
. Dirty Girl . Dance Song
. L.A Underground . Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
. Dawn Of Memories . Miscellaneous Song
. I Have A Dream . Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
. In The Garden Of Lust . Miscellaneous Loop
. Even In Death (Au Revoir) . Classical Song
. My Jamaican Princess . Miscellaneous Loop
. Pure Morning, Utopia . Pop Song
. My Beloved Africa . Miscellaneous Song
. Breathe Fire . Drum N Bass Song
. That Night, A Forest Grew . Video Game Loop
. Even In Death . Classical Song
. Mad Midnight Massacre . Ambient Song
. Slums Of Beverly Hills . Miscellaneous Loop
. Mood Of Norway . Miscellaneous Loop
. Midnight Moonlight . Ambient Loop
LOZ: Zeldas Lullaby Ambient Song
. Morning Glory . Ambient Loop
Is This Death ? Miscellaneous Loop
Hopeless Dreamer Miscellaneous Loop
. XXYYZZ . Ambient Loop
*** Cold Winter Stars *** Ambient Loop
Remember Duck Tales ? Miscellaneous Loop
! WarHead ! Drum N Bass Loop
Umbrella Corporation: Prodigy Ambient Song
! Something Strange ! Ambient Loop
Resident Evil: S.T.A.R.S Ambient Loop
Jesus Christ Superstar Ambient Loop
(*** My Sanctuary ***) Ambient Loop
2012: End Of Time Classical Song
(*** Darkness In Her Eyes ***) Dance Song
(** Crying Heart **) Ambient Song
Woods Of Maryland Ambient Loop
Legend Of Oboe Ambient Loop
*** Ghosts 'N Secrets *** Ambient Loop
*** Ghosts 'N Ghouls *** Ambient Loop
*** 10.000 Tears *** Miscellaneous Loop
Dear Lord, Save Her, Please!! Classical Song
(***! Charles Manson !***) Miscellaneous Loop
***Have You Been There Yet?*** Miscellaneous Song
***Hold Me (BIT)*** Video Game Loop
Forever Gone In Her Music Box Miscellaneous Loop
** Super Mario Is Happy ** Miscellaneous Loop
? WhyIsTheWorldTheWayItIs ? Ambient Loop
***Only One*** Miscellaneous Loop
***My Disco Princess,Go!!** House Loop
**Solitary/Midnight/Madness** Miscellaneous Loop
Graveyard Mansion II Ambient Song
***She Sleeps Among Stars*** Ambient Loop
***!My Last Song On NG!*** Miscellaneous Loop
**!Dirty Bitches(Rock Hop)!** Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
**!Kingdom Come!** Old School Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
**!Scratch My Hate For You!** Hip Hop - Olskool Loop
**This Life Is Meaningless** Ambient Loop
***Starlight Lullaby*** Ambient Loop
**Happy Ducks Snes 8bit Song** Video Game Song
!!!___-[Power Rangers]-___!!! Drum N Bass Song
***Song To Say Goodbye*** Ambient Song
A Long Way To Go 8BIT Video Game Loop
Conquest Of Liberty 8-Bit(WIP) Video Game Loop
Raw Hip Hop Loop! Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Happy Ending ( Loop ) Miscellaneous Loop
Industrial Crime Scene (Loop) Industrial Loop
This Makes You Braindamaged Industrial Loop
Super Nintendo Indie Girl Loop Dance Loop
Spiritsinthesanitariumrocalot Ambient Song
VideoGame Boss Battle Loop Video Game Loop
Link&ZeldaDancingAmongFairys Classical Loop
**As Time Goes By** (Memories) Ambient Loop
RAL - Sound Of Darkness Ambient Song
(R)***_[~Arylas Ghost~]_***(A) Ambient Song
Nostalgic Memories ( Loop ) Ambient Loop
Grimey Grime Street (Loop) Miscellaneous Loop
DirtyDirtyDirty(Benassi Style) Dance Song
Gloomy Sunday Night Loop Video Game Loop
Starlight In Her Eyes Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Gangsta Flute Vibe Loop Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Three Wise Men (Sad Loop) Miscellaneous Loop
Lullaby Of Mystery And Sadness Ambient Song
In Her Music Box (She Hides) Ambient Loop
Gimme More(Mix) Instrumental Pop Song
Your My Bitch My Extacy(Dance) Dance Song
Piano Recording (sad Theme) Classical Song
Go With The Flow(EnjoyTheShow) Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Strangled And Stabbed Miscellaneous Loop
She Is Dead Ambient Loop
-*Memories From The Stars*- Hip Hop - Olskool Song
Raindrops On My Face Ambient Song
Roc A Lot - My Love Is Gone Pop Song
An Ode To Jim Morrison Miscellaneous Loop
Wristcutters Graveyard Miscellaneous Loop
Dead Love Graveyard (RocALot) Drum N Bass Loop
Dj RocAlot - Asian Blend Miscellaneous Loop
I Love My Dirty Bitch Hip Hop - Modern Song
Execution Of The Mind Industrial Loop
Cyberspace Graveyard Miscellaneous Loop
Have Mercy On Me R&B Loop
Dawn In Her Eyes Classical Song
Jack And Jill (Sharing A Pill) Miscellaneous Loop
Resident Evil T-Virus Loop Ambient Loop
Queen Of Lost Hearts Drum N Bass Loop
Hardstyle Graveyard Techno Loop
American Football Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Military Graveyard Miscellaneous Song
Strollin` Down The Street Hip Hop - Modern Loop
She Came From My Nightmare Ambient Loop
Industrial Graveyard Industrial Loop
Party In The Midnight Rain Miscellaneous Loop
Beyond The Borders Of Infinity Ambient Loop
Concrete Jungel War Loop Industrial Loop
Dancing In The Summer Rain Techno Loop
Count Draculas Lullaby Goth Loop
No End In Sight Miscellaneous Song
When Music Plays Dance Loop
Late Night Suicide Hip Hop - Modern Song
By The Sunset ( Piano ) Miscellaneous Song
Space Invaders *Bit* Video Game Loop
Memories In Space Ambient Loop
Tuba Dance Warrior Hip Hop - Modern Loop
Forest Grass Loop Video Game Loop
Stuck In The Weirdness Miscellaneous Song
Asian Mystery Industrial Song
Graveyard Mansion Video Game Loop
Crunk Till Your Drunk Hip Hop - Modern Song
Shake It ( Dj Roc A Lot ) Miscellaneous Song
In Your Angel Eyes Miscellaneous Song
London Fog Miscellaneous Song