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Entry #16


2010-02-27 08:18:14 by DjRocALot

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2010-03-01 03:20:14

Heeey, du må lage mer piano låter, Even In Death er dritbra... ble det noe Eminem Remix eller? ;D


2010-03-28 02:09:36

:'( . . . man again... this is really sad


2010-09-07 16:02:08

can i use that graveyard mansion music in my haloween tribute?


2010-11-17 15:25:44 6mwqc

thats the video with your music in it and also your names in it and theres a link to the song thank you for leting me use your music for my videos and also would it be ok if i found some other songs of you to use i9n my next video.

thank you -H3x3N-